The Endangered Adelie Penguins

AdeliepinguinThe Adelie Penguins are one the smallest and most commonly found penguin in the Antarctic. They are quite clumsy on land but are amazing swimmers that can dive down to 180m. Although they tend to catch their prey much closer to the surface, they are very playful in the water. They are usually found in colonies of hundreds. The Penguins are listed near threatened despite their increasing numbers, but the population could decline massively with climate change and other penguins coming in better adapted for the climate change.

The Endangered – Legless Lizard

800px-Juvenile_Burtons_Legless_Lizard_(Lialis_burtonis)_(8692550148)The Baja California Legless Lizard is a largely unknown species, and is often mistaken for a snake. You can learn more about them in this month’s The Endangered article and then come and volunteer with Tree Musketeers at the Habitat to help repopulate their native habitat!

Make a Difference Day 2015 was a success!

On October 24th, 2015 Tree Musketeers organized their 3rd Annual Make a Difference Day event. Make a Difference Day is the largest national day of community service. Here in El Segundo, Tree Musketeers likes to dedicate this time to tree care for our local trees in preparation for planting season! Tall and Small volunteers came out to care for our Trees to the Sea along Imperial Highway by participating in a clean-up competition. We collected over 280 bags of trash and invasive plants!

Watch our live feed replay and photo gallery below.

The Endangered – Chinchilla


Many people choose to keep Chinchillas as pets even though they are expensive and a big commitment; but they’re so much more than that. While many Chinchilla owners think of them as domestic pets, they are an important part of their native ecosystem, and unfortunately they are critically endangered.

Save Our Water & Our Trees

waterconservationLess than 1% of Earth’s water is of drinking quality and it must meet the needs of over 7.3 billion people worldwide. No matter where you are you can help save water. Check out the great educational resources to learn tips and tricks to put in action and campaigns to join on our Water Learn Page!

The Endangered – White Rhinoceros

Northern_White_Rhinoceros_AngalifuWhite Rhinos, the largest of all rhinos, are daunting, cute, and unfortunately very close to extinction. These animals are the second largest land mammal, and are found in South Africa, Namibia, Zimbabwe, The Democratic Republic of Congo, and Kenya. The primary reasons for their near extinction are poaching and habitat loss. These animals are not aggressive and usually travel in herds, making them an easier target for hunters.

The latest from the 3×3 Campaign

000_0005Last month six youth participated in planting 250 trees at the Njap Water Catchment Facility in Nkambe Central of the North West Region of Cameroon. Partners for the Planet has had almost one million trees planted for its 3×3 Campaign. Will you join them?

The Endangered – African Elephant

elephantElephants are the big animals that make cute, huge babies that everyone adores. Unfortunately, many species of elephants, including the African elephant, are in danger of becoming extinct. This is due in large part because they’re hunted for the precious ivory their tusks are made of. In the meantime, elephants have been trying to keep doing the work they do best: carefully landscaping their surrounding habitats to facilitate growth and rejuvenation. Elephants are more capable than they appear, and it’s best to be aware of their abilities so that we can better take care of them.

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