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Best Natural Shampoo: Your Top Organic Choice

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When it comes to choosing the best natural shampoo for healthy hair, it can be overwhelming with the multitude of options available. We understand the importance of using organic products that are free from harsh chemicals and environmentally friendly. That’s why we have compiled a list of the top-rated organic shampoos that will give your hair the love it deserves.

Our selection of organic shampoos has received rave reviews from users who appreciate their gentle yet effective formulations. These shampoos are perfect for those with a sensitive scalp or anyone looking for a non-toxic option to enhance the natural beauty of their hair. Say goodbye to dull, lifeless hair and hello to vibrant locks that shine with health and vitality.

Key Takeaways:

  • Choose the best natural shampoo for healthy hair
  • Opt for organic options free from harsh chemicals
  • Take care of your hair and the environment with environmentally friendly choices
  • Discover organic shampoos that suit your hair type and leave your locks looking vibrant and shiny
  • Embrace the benefits of non-toxic, gentle formulations for a healthier hair care routine

Best Organic Shampoo Reviews: WELEDA

Weleda is an iconic German brand that takes a holistic approach to natural skincare. Their organic shampoo is crafted with organic and wild-harvested botanicals, reflecting their commitment to organic agriculture and horticulture. Despite Weleda’s revered philosophy and products, personal experiences with their organic shampoo may vary.

Some users have reported that Weleda organic shampoo may not be suitable for their hair type, causing frizziness and greasiness. However, for individuals with shorter or thinner hair, Weleda organic shampoo remains a promising choice. This versatile product is available for purchase in various physical stores as well as online platforms.

To gain a better understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of Weleda organic shampoo, let’s take a closer look at the user reviews:

Weleda Organic Shampoo Reviews:

Pros Cons
1. Made with organic and wild-harvested botanicals 1. Not suitable for all hair types, causing frizziness and greasiness
2. Prioritizes organic agriculture and horticulture

As seen in the table above, Weleda organic shampoo offers several advantages such as its use of organic and wild-harvested botanicals, as well as its commitment to organic agriculture and horticulture. However, it’s worth noting that some users have experienced undesirable outcomes such as frizziness and greasiness.

Ultimately, the decision to try Weleda organic shampoo depends on your hair type and personal preferences. It’s essential to consider the experiences of others while considering your own unique circumstances. The reviews provide valuable insights that can guide your choice, allowing you to make an informed decision.

Best Organic Shampoo Reviews: JOHN MASTERS ORGANICS

John Masters Organics is a trusted brand that offers a wide range of organic hair care and skin care products. Their Zinc and Sage Shampoo & Conditioner is highly recommended in the best organic shampoo reviews. This 2-in-1 product is loved for its gentle formula, pleasant scent, and excellent cleansing and conditioning properties. It is suitable for all hair types and can save time and effort in your hair care routine.

Here is a breakdown of the key features and benefits of John Masters Organics’ Zinc and Sage Shampoo & Conditioner:

Key Features Benefits
Gentle formula Mild on the scalp, suitable for sensitive skin
Pleasant scent Leaves hair smelling fresh and clean
Excellent cleansing Removes impurities and buildup without stripping natural oils
Conditioning properties Leaves hair soft, manageable, and nourished

In addition to the Zinc and Sage Shampoo & Conditioner, John Masters Organics also offers other organic shampoo options to cater to different hair needs. Whether you’re dealing with dryness, frizz, or color-treated hair, you can find a suitable organic shampoo from their range.

John Masters Organics products are available in local organic stores and online platforms like Amazon, making it convenient to get your hands on their high-quality organic hair care products.

best organic shampoo reviews

Best Organic Shampoo Reviews: MIESSENCE

Miessence is a brand that has gained high praise in best organic shampoo reviews. Their commitment to creating healthy and organic products is commendable. They offer two popular shampoos, the Lemon Balm Shampoo and the Desert Flower Shampoo, both with their unique benefits.

The Lemon Balm Shampoo is suitable for normal to oily hair, while the Desert Flower Shampoo is ideal for normal to dry hair. However, many users with different hair types find that both shampoos work exceptionally well for them, making them versatile options.

Miessence takes pride in being a non-toxic and environmentally conscious brand. Their organic shampoo formulations are gentle yet effective, ensuring that your hair receives the care it deserves without compromising your health or the planet. However, some users may find the brand’s marketing overwhelming.

When it comes to purchasing Miessence organic shampoos, they are readily available online. The brand also offers repeat delivery options with discounts, making it convenient and affordable for long-term use.

Shampoo Name Hair Type
Lemon Balm Shampoo Normal to oily hair
Desert Flower Shampoo Normal to dry hair

Best Organic Shampoo Reviews: SANTE NATURKOSMETIK

Sante Naturkosmetik, a German brand, has garnered positive reviews for its Natural Balance Shampoo, making it a top contender among organic shampoos. While only two ingredients in the shampoo are organic, it is still considered a good natural option. The Natural Balance Shampoo by Sante Naturkosmetik effectively cleanses the hair without the presence of harsh chemicals or toxins.

However, finding Sante Naturkosmetik shampoos can be a challenge. They are occasionally available on platforms like Amazon, but availability may vary. Despite this, if you manage to get your hands on the Natural Balance Shampoo, you can enjoy gentle and effective hair cleansing in a natural and organic way.

Sante Naturkosmetik natural balance shampoo

Why Choose Sante Naturkosmetik Natural Balance Shampoo?

Sante Naturkosmetik understands the importance of avoiding harsh chemicals and toxins in hair care products. Their Natural Balance Shampoo is formulated to restore and maintain the natural balance of your hair, leaving it healthier and more manageable. By opting for this organic shampoo, you can eliminate concerns about harmful ingredients and confidently pamper your hair with a gentle and effective cleansing experience.

Here is an overview of the key features that make Sante Naturkosmetik Natural Balance Shampoo a popular choice:

Key Features Description
Gentle Cleansing The Natural Balance Shampoo delicately removes impurities from your hair and scalp, leaving them clean and refreshed.
Chemical-Free Free from harsh chemicals and toxins, this shampoo ensures that your hair receives only the best natural care.
Environmental Consciousness Sante Naturkosmetik is committed to sustainability and environmentally-friendly practices, making their shampoo a responsible choice.
Quality Formulation The Natural Balance Shampoo is expertly formulated to achieve optimal results while maintaining the integrity and health of your hair.

Whether you have a specific hair concern or simply prioritize using organic and natural products, Sante Naturkosmetik Natural Balance Shampoo can be an excellent addition to your hair care routine. Its gentle yet effective cleansing properties make it a favored choice for those seeking an organic alternative to conventional shampoos.

The Natural Balance Shampoo from Sante Naturkosmetik provides a genuine organic experience for your hair, free from harmful chemicals and toxins. Its gentle formulation leaves your hair clean, refreshed, and naturally balanced.

Best Organic Shampoo Reviews: JUST NUTRITIVE

While Just Nutritive is not classified as an organic brand, their shampoos are highly regarded for their natural composition. Specifically formulated to be free of toxins, sulfates, and synthetic chemicals, Just Nutritive shampoos prioritize the use of the most natural ingredients available in the market.

Just Nutritive offers an extensive selection of shampoos, catering to various hair concerns. Whether you have color-treated hair, frizzy hair, hair loss, or oily hair, you can find a natural shampoo from Just Nutritive that addresses your specific needs.

Despite not being certified organic, Just Nutritive shampoos can actually be more natural than some organic brands. Their commitment to using only the purest and most effective ingredients ensures that their products deliver exceptional results.

You can purchase Just Nutritive products conveniently online. It’s worth noting that the brand has recently undergone a name change from Just Natural to Just Nutritive, so be sure to look for their new name when searching for their products.

Recommended Just Nutritive Products:

Shampoo Name Main Benefits
Color-treated Hair Shampoo – Gently cleanses without stripping color – Helps preserve vibrant, long-lasting color
Frizzy Hair Shampoo – Smooths and tames frizz – Adds moisture and shine
Hair Loss Shampoo – Supports healthy hair growth – Nourishes and strengthens hair
Oily Hair Shampoo – Balances oil production – Cleanses the scalp without stripping natural oils


Deciding on the best natural shampoo for your hair requires careful consideration of your personal preferences and hair type. With a wide variety of top-rated organic shampoos available, finding the perfect choice is a matter of individual needs and experiences. We recommend exploring different brands and formulations to discover the organic shampoo that suits you best, leaving your hair looking healthy, vibrant, and free from harmful chemicals.

When making your selection, prioritize environmentally friendly options that align with your values and promote a sustainable lifestyle. By choosing the best natural shampoo, you can cleanse your hair with confidence, knowing that you’re making a healthier choice for yourself and the planet. With the increasing availability of natural shampoos, you have the opportunity to enhance your hair care routine while supporting a greener future.

Remember, the best natural shampoo is a subjective choice. Each brand offers its unique formulation, and what works wonders for someone else may not be an ideal fit for you. The key is to experiment and find the organic shampoo that provides the desired results for your specific hair needs.

Embrace the power of nature and enjoy the benefits of using the best natural shampoo. Take care of your hair while embracing a more sustainable and eco-friendly approach to your beauty routine. Choose the top organic option that will nourish your hair, leaving it visibly healthier and more vibrant than ever.

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What is the best natural shampoo for healthy hair?

There are several top-rated organic shampoos that are great for healthy hair. Some popular options include Weleda, John Masters Organics, Miessence, Sante Naturkosmetik, and Just Nutritive.

Are these organic shampoos environmentally friendly?

Yes, all of the mentioned organic shampoos are environmentally friendly. They are free from harsh chemicals and toxins, and the brands prioritize sustainability and organic ingredients.

Which natural shampoo is best for a sensitive scalp?

If you have a sensitive scalp, you may want to try Weleda organic shampoo or the Zinc and Sage Shampoo & Conditioner from John Masters Organics. Both options are gentle and suitable for sensitive scalps.

Are these organic shampoos non-toxic?

Yes, all the organic shampoos mentioned in the reviews are non-toxic. They are made with natural and organic ingredients, and they do not contain synthetic chemicals or harsh additives.

Where can I purchase these organic shampoos?

The mentioned organic shampoos can be purchased online from platforms like Amazon. They may also be available in local organic stores and other online platforms.

What if I have color-treated or frizzy hair?

Just Nutritive offers a wide range of natural shampoos for specific hair concerns, including color-treated hair and frizzy hair. Their products are free from toxins and synthetic chemicals.

How do I choose the best organic shampoo for my hair?

It’s important to consider your hair type and specific needs. You can read reviews, try sample sizes, or consult with a hair care professional to find the best organic shampoo that suits your hair.