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Trees need tender love and care in order to thrive and yield the greatest benefits to our community. Seven years is the life span of the average urban tree. The most common reason an urban tree dies prematurely is a lack of care. Because mature trees yield the largest benefits to our community it is essential to provide care for the trees in your community. If you are interested in caring for the trees in our hometown forest, visit our volunteer calendar. Interested in sponsoring tree care? For every $25 dollar donation made to TLC for Trees, one year of care is provide to a tree. Currently TREE MUSKETEERS cares for 1600 trees in our growing urban forest.


•    Memory Row – is a two mile median strip between Main and Hillcrest Streets. In 1987, Tree Musketeers and community members began planting a green pollution barrier in this open space where trees and turf were sparse. It is now a beautiful, passive park where 330 Memory Trees reside representing a large variety of species. These trees are dedicated to loved ones and special events, (trees are still available for adoption and planting,) and are also an important buffer between our community and L.A. International Airport.

•    Millennium Row – home to our Melaleuca trees planted in 2000 to celebrate the new millennium. The .35 mile portion of W. Grand Ave. is actually in the City of Los Angeles though it connects El Segundo with its beach. The property immediately to the north contains smokestacks and the heavy industrial facilities of DWP’s Scattergood plant. Chevron’s El Segundo refinery borders the south side. Industrial soil and air pollution coupled with salty ocean air make intensive care for these thirteen-year-old trees imperative along the sidewalk of Grand Avenue in El Segundo.

•    Trees to The Sea – the large median between the west and eastbound lanes of Imperial Highway, from California St. to Pershing Ave. It’s a double-row of trees, 1.3 miles long, and volunteers over 10 years of age can join the group. An irrigation system delivers recycled water to the trees and the native ground cover plants. This has been an ongoing project since the very beginning of Tree Musketeers and these trees also buffer our community from the effects of living next door to L.A.X. 500 trees included in this project are California Sycamores, Lemon Gum Eucalyptus and various Pines.

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