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TLC for Trees
TREE MUSKETEERS has ongoing responsibility for the care of over 1,000 locally planted trees. Each year, hundreds of volunteers and staff deliver Tender Loving Care to our trees to ensure their health and survival. The TLC for Trees sponsorship program offers an affordable way for tree lovers to make a valuable contribution to help Earth.

TLC for Trees makes a wonderful gift for someone who shares your love of nature and is an effective way for you to show your commitment to fighting global warming. If you select to gift a TLC for Trees Sponsorship, an card will be sent to your recipient acknowledging your thought and generosity.

You can sponsor the planting of a tree for Arbor Day ($195) and/or the care of a TREE MUSKETEERS tree ($25):

Sponsor & Care Options

Trees currently under our care that your sponsorship dollars will help include:

  • Millennium Row – These trees beautify West Grand Avenue connecting the City of El Segundo to its beach. The trees were planted in January 2000 by hundreds of volunteers in celebration of the new millennium. There is no end in sight for the intensive care these tree require due to the inhospitable coastal and industrial environment.
  • Memory Trees – Although many of these trees located here are adopted, not all Memory Trees on the northern border of El Segundo have guardians to love and care for them. TREE MUSKETEERS and volunteers maintain the orphan trees that require hand-watering, grass and weeds cleared from their basins, mulch, pruning, and treatment for infestations or disease.
  • South Imperial Trees – These trees were planted in 2001 in observance of National Youth Services Day. They form a border between Imperial Highway and Memory Row. Life is tough for these trees that do their very best to not only beautify the area, but collect vehicular emissions. In addition to general care, these green friends.
  • Trees to the Sea – It took 17 years and three generations of TREE MUSKETEERS youth leaders to get permission to plant trees on the barren median of Imperial Highway between El Segundo and LAX. Thousands of volunteers and local sponsorships concluded five years of Arbor Day plantings in 2008 when the last of the 520 trees were planted. Sponsorships provided three years of TLC for the trees, but responsibility for them is ongoing. The earlier trees now need new champions to continue all of the good work that the trees perform. In addition to the airplane and vehicular pollution they must contend with, Trees to the Sea trees face torment by gophers and automobile collisions.

Sponsorship Payment – To sponsor one of the many previously planted trees, please send a check in the amount of $25 for each tree wishing to be sponsored and write TLC in the memo field. If the sponsorship is a gift, please also include the recipient’s name and mailing address so that we can send them the acknowledgement card.

Arbor Day
TREE MUSKETEERS hosts a large planting each year in celebration of California Arbor Week on a Saturday during the week of March 7th.
 Tree sponsorships for Arbor Day events cost either $195 to sponsor a new tree planting or $25 to care for one of these young trees for the next year. Check out our Arbor Day page for more information about sponsoring the planting or care of a new tree.

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