Memory Trees

Memory Row is where the dream of TREE MUSKETEERS began with the planting of Marcie the Marvelous Tree. Marcie has inspired youth to be champions of environmental leadership and to plant millions of trees around the globe. Through our Adopt A Tree program you can adopt or plant a tree to represent your own memory or dream to stand tall next to Marcie and the other trees already on Memory Row.

The next Memory Tree adoption  will be offered in summer 2017.  Please give us a call for details.

What is Adopt a Tree?
Adopt a Tree is a program of TREE MUSKETEERS to promote the planting of urban trees, help youth develop leadership skills, and develop our community environmental consciousness. We believe that caring for our environment is our responsibility and are therefore giving you an opportunity to help grow our urban forest by Adopting a Tree and honoring a loved one. Complete your Memory Tree Reservation Form today!

Adopting a tree is also great for those who:
• Live in an apartment with no place to own a tree
• Want to give a unique gift to tree-loving friends
• Want to mark a birth, passing, wedding, birthday, or personal accomplishment
• Want to help but don’t know how
• Are too young to handle the tools necessary to plant a tree


Adopt or plant a new Memory Tree:
Memory Tree Reservation
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Add or provide Foster care:

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Order a Memory Tree Certificate:

Memory Tree Certificate


Once you’ve paid for your tree, please return this Memory Tree Reservation Form to or send it with your payment at 305 Richmond Street – El Segundo, CA 90245!

Here’s how it works, with the help of our arborist, you will select the tree species, custom plaque engraving, and ceremony details. You will also need to appoint a ‘Tree Guardian’ to be held responsible for the care of the tree either by tending to it directly or contributing to our tree care fund to engage foster care. An experienced youth tree-planting supervisor oversees the planting of each dedication ceremony.

Please note: Memory Tree plantings are held three times per year in November, January and March, on the grassy strip between Imperial Hwy in Los Angeles and Imperial Ave in El Segundo. Orphan trees on Memory Row are available for adoption during an event in July.

There are two locations in which to choose from to Adopt a Tree:

1) Memory Row – This beautiful, passive park located between El Segundo and Los Angeles International Airport was the site of our first planting, Marcie the Marvelous Tree, in 1987. The area is now populated with around 300 memory trees and has come to be known as Memory Row. While standing as living tributes to special people or events, these trees are on the front line in the war against air, noise, and smell pollution, and bring joy to the people who plant and care for them.

2) Plaza El Segundo – This lifestyle center on Sepulveda Blvd in El Segundo, California is more than a shopping plaza. More than 480 trees at Plaza El Segundo frame walkways between stores, line roadways, and shade the parking lots. At maturity, these eco-friendly trees will help fight global warming by removing 27,758 lbs. of carbon dioxide from the air and conserve 27,386 kwh of electricity annually.

Memory Tree Reservation Form 2017

To empower young people to be environmental leaders