P4P Clubs

For many years, the Partners for the Planet (P4P) network has provided resources and opportunities for people to have a positive impact at their local level. Recently, our youth management team has come up with a new way for kids to be engaged: the P4P Clubs. Small independent structures, the P4P Clubs give young people all over the world a chance to act as part of a bigger movement for the planet.

TREE MUSKETEERS shares the resources and knowledge accumulated in more than 29 years with the Clubs, whose participants also receive direct one-on-one support by one of TREE MUSKETEERS’ Youth Manager. Members of P4P Clubs navigate around obstacles to stand together as leaders of environmental and social change.

As a P4P Club member, you will correspond with other youth leaders who will always be on hand to coach you about managing and leading your club through thick and thin! Our How-to Kit will be a great resource for your tree planting, tree care and general project management activities. Are you ready to join the movement?

P4P Club Brochure

Starting a club is easy, just follow these steps:

1. Find a friend and an adult, to serve as your Adult Partner
2. Complete the application form below and pay your $35 P4P membership
3. Wait for approval and the P4P Club Kit

Club Requirements:

  • Two kids or more as founding members
  • An adult partner, who acts as support for the club and is responsible for keeping kids safe during their activities
  • P4P Group Membership

Agreement to:

  • Operate under TREE MUSKETEERS philosophy
  • Return the Adult Partner agreement
  • Practice ISA planting and care standards
  • Focus on youth leadership and environmental projects
  • Execute at least one tree planting per year

Note: Unfortunately, Tree Musketeers is unable to financially help P4P Clubs in their activities.
Complete your application below:

Youth Co-Founder's Name

Second Youth Co-Founder's Name

Adult Partner's Name

Contact Email

Why do you want to create a club?

What would your club’s priorities be?

What are your expectations from Tree Musketeers?

Additional Comments

Attach your Adult Partner agreement form and any additional information you want to share.

Please pay your $35 Group Membership with the "add to cart" button below and return to this page to submit your application.

To empower young people to be environmental leaders