Press Releases & Articles

Press Releases

City of El Segundo Hold’s 30th Annual Arbor Day Celebration, Youth at the Helm (February 2017)

New Youth Leaders Plan Annual Volunteer Event (September 2016)

1 Million Trees Planted Worldwide by Youth (June 2016)

Tree Musketeers LEAD Graduate & Youth Manager becomes Alcoa Scholar (May 2016)

Tree Musketeers Receives Excellence in Volunteer Management Award (May 2016)

Youth Leaders Plan Earth Day (March 2016)

Youth Lead The Way in El Segundo’s 29th Arbor Day Celebration (March 2016)

Arbor Day is on its way! – Take charge in greening your community!  (February 2016)

Youth Lead the Community in Making a Difference (September 2015)

Tree Musketeers Partners With California ReLeaf to Save Our Water & Our Trees (August 2015)

Youth LEADership Courses Chart Path for Scholarships (June 2015)

Hundreds of Volunteers Dig In for El Segundo’s 28th Annual Arbor Day (March 2015)

Arbor Day is here – Volunteers, small & tall are invited to dig in! (February 2015)

Youth In Action: Make a Difference Day 2014 (October 2014)

From volunteer to Youth Manager, success through LEAD (May 2014)

Hundreds of volunteers beautify El Segundo on Arbor Day (March 2014)

Calling on small and tall to get their hands dirty: Arbor Day is coming to El Segundo (February 2014)

Youth in Action: Make a Difference Day 2013 (October 2013)

Kids for Kids: Growing Young Leaders and Trees (September 2013)

Summer LEAD Can Be Your Key to College (June 2013)

Make A Splash This Summer, Jump Into TREE MUSKETEERS Leadership Courses

In Celebration of Arbor Day, TREE MUSKETEERS Beautifies El Segundo “East”

TREE MUSKETEERS Spruces Up Trees To The Sea Along Imperial Highway

In Celebration of Arbor Day, TREE MUSKETEERS Beautifies El Segundo “East”

TREE MUSKETEERS Leafs Planting Season Behind

Recent Media Articles

“Tree Musketeers Arbor Day Event” – photo spread in El Segundo Herald (March 12, 2015)

“Tree Musketeers Still Growing After All These Years”El Segundo Herald (December 11, 2014) & Manhattan Beach Sun (January 1, 2015)

“Tree Musketeers Clean Up Along Imperial Highway” El Segundo Herald (November 13, 2014)

“Tree Musketeers: Making a Difference, One Tree at a Time” Easy Reader (October 23, 2014)

“Sharing Grief, Community Service and Living in the Gray Space”Huffington Post (April 2, 2014)

“City Council Waives Fees for Tree Musketeers Event”El Segundo Herald (February 6, 2014)

“Teaming Up to “Make a Difference”El Segundo Herald (November 7, 2013)

“Tree Musketeers making a difference one tree at a time”Easy Reader (October 23, 2013)

“Split Council Waives Fees for Tree Musketeers Event”El Segundo Herald (October 17, 2013)

Blog Posts

HulaFrog, Venice Beach: The Week Ahead: Dr. Seuss, Yoga with Jules & Arbor Day! (March 2015)

Fayette Tribune: How do I get children involved in protecting environment? (February 2015)

Augusta Free Press: Getting Kids Into Environmental Activism (December 2014)

L.A. Parent: Tree Musketeers Helps Kids and Community Trees Grow Strong (June 2014)

Aurora’s Blog: Volunteering with Tree Musketeers (February 2014)

1% for the Planet: Planting Trees around the world (September 2013)

California ReLEAF Blog: Planting Trees around the world (August 2013)

The Good Muse: Volunteering Journal #89 Tree Musketeers (August 2013)

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