The Endangered – Siberian Tiger

By Utsa Parikh, Youth Manager

Siberian / Amur Tiger by Andrew Spillane
Siberian / Amur Tiger by Andrew Spillane

The Siberian Tiger or Amur Tiger, is the largest cat in the world and averages eleven feet in length! They are known for their orange fur with dark stripes which are unique to each and every Siberian Tiger, just like our DNA. Siberian Tigers are most different from the other tigers because they have manes like lions.

Why they are important: Loss of large cats, specifically the Siberian Tiger, causes irreversible changes in ecosystems. These Tigers are at the top of the food web. Fewer Tigers means an over-abundance of deer which in turn, causes a lack of seed dispersal.

Why they are going extinct: Siberian Tigers were hunted very frequently. Their fur is poached illegally and their body parts are used frequently for traditional medicines. Another huge problem is deforestation. Humans keep on huffing and puffing and blowing down the Siberian Tiger’s habitat. Today the Siberian Tiger lives in the higher mountain regions of northeast China and parts of Russia.

How we can help: There are not many direct ways that we can help the Siberian Tigers, but here is what we CAN do:

  1. Donate to conservation projects. There are many organizations trying to help Siberian Tigers, research the one that works best for you.
  2. Travel Smart: The Chinese government and World Wildlife Fund (WWF) are working together to reduce the destruction of the Siberian Tigers’ habitats.
  3. Spread the word. Tell your friends and family about the Tigers’ terror and have them help out too.
  4. Refrain from buying fur coats and rugs to help save some Tigers.

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