The Endangered – Sea Lion

by Lina McDermott, Youth Manager

Sea Lions are, as their name suggests, ocean animals. They are heavy animals most known for their external ear flaps and ability to walk on all fours. There are many different types of Sea Lions living in different climates, from subarctic to tropical. Not all sea lions are considered endangered, though. The IUCN Red List shows the Australian, New Zealand, and Galápagos Sea Lions as endangered animals.

Why they are important? Sea Lions are an important part of the marine food web. They help keep the marine ecosystem running.

What is the problem? Hunters used to be the main cause of the declining numbers of Sea Lions. However, today their main killer is climate change. Sea Lions are especially susceptible to the effects of climate change on ocean currents, because these changes impact the amount of prey available for the Sea Lions to catch and eat. Additionally, Sea Lions can catch many diseases caused by unclean ocean water, tapeworms, and parasites. Lastly, Sea Lions are very vulnerable during El Niño events, when marine productivity is extremely low.

How you can help?

  1. Adopt a Sea Lion
  2. Partake in a beach cleanup
  3. Support Sea Lion conservation efforts or ocean conservation efforts

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