The Endangered Adelie Penguins

By Fernando Aguilar, Youth Manager Adeliepinguin

The Adelie Penguins are one the smallest and most commonly found penguin in the Antarctic. They are quite clumsy on land but are amazing swimmers that can dive down to 180m. Although they tend to catch their prey much closer to the surface, they are very playful in the water. They are usually found in colonies of hundreds. The Penguins are listed near threatened despite their increasing numbers, but the population could decline massively with climate change and other penguins coming in better adapted for the climate change.

Why they are important: The Adelie Penguins are important because they play a key role in the Antarctic food chain, they eat animals like krill and small fish.

What is the problem: The main reason is climate change so these animals should be enough reason to go green! Overfishing and oil pollution from shipping accidents are also threats to the penguins.

Why they are going extinct: They are going extinct because climate change is melting the ice in which the Adelie’s main food source, krill, breeds and feeds under the sea ice.

How we can help: To save these AMAZING animals you can:

  1. Reduce greenhouse gas emissions, use your car less frequently
  2. Adopt an Adelie Penguin through WWF. Yes! You can adopt one of these adorable creatures from a mix of individuals to a colony of 500.

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