WildlifeWildlife is commonly defined as both non-domesticated plants and animals. According to U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, close to 1600 species of wildlife are currently on U.S. and foreign endangered species lists and an additional 348 are classified as threatened. Increasing global temperatures are already disrupting ecosystems. The first comprehensive assessment of the extinction risk from global warming found that more than 1 million species could be obliterated by 2050 if the menace of climate change continues at its current rate.

Wildlife can be found in ecosystems around the globe; finding homes in the highest peaks, the driest deserts, freshwater and marine environments, and even our backyards. Individuals around the planet are realizing the significance of creating a habitat where animals can find food, live and raise their young.

While you may not be able to directly help polar bears or Siberian tigers from your home in the city, there is still much you can do. Urban sprawl leaves creatures and critters fewer and fewer places to inhabit in areas that have always been home to them. Think about creating your own backyard habitat. It is easier than you might think to share your land and make a real difference for wildlife.

Several of Tree Musketeers’ past articles address Wildlife and the environmental concern. Below are links to our new series, The Endangered, plus Neighborhood Critters articles and other Tree Musketeers content concerning Wildlife:

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