WaterWater covers about 75% of Earth’s surface yet only about 2.5% is fresh water. Less than 1% is of drinking quality available for more than 7.3 billion people. Some 2/3 of fresh water is stored in glaciers that are rapidly melting into the sea.

Anders Berntell of the Stockholm International Water Institute told the opening session of World Water Week in 2007, “What becomes apparent is that climate change hits us first through water. Too much or too little water, at the wrong time, at the wrong place.

Attendees heard the belief that fighting global warming will solve water problems and that solving water problems is key to tackling global warming.

To learn more about what is being done here in California, visit California ReLeaf’s Save Our Water and Our Trees Campaign page.

It is not governments alone that must take action, but each citizen of the Earth. In our daily lives we must not forget that water is life and there is not a drop to waste.

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