Common Cents – Right Tree Right Place

Put the Right Tree in the Right Place and Save!

In your enthusiasm to bring nature to your yard, value to your home or health to the planet by planting trees, you must first do some strategic thinking. While it will be small when you plant it, you must imagine your tree 20 years in the future to avoid problems.

The “right” tree:

• Your tree should reach an eventual size and shape that satisfies your need for shade, privacy, a wind break, backyard habitat, aesthetics or whatever your purpose.
• Check with a professional to ensure your tree will thrive in your locale and the space, soil, moisture and light available.
• Don’t forget to pay attention to what you like, make sure you get one with characteristics you enjoy.
• Deciduous trees drop their leaves all at one while evergreens drop them throughout the year.

The “right” place:
• Avoid planting under power lines unless the mature tree size is under 25 feet.
• Plant trees 8-20 feet from walls or structures, depending upon size, to prevent conflicts.
• Deciduous trees on the south and west sides of homes conserve energy by providing cooling shade in the summer and allowing warming sun to shine through in the winter.
• Consider a tree’s height, crown spread and root space requirements at maturity.
• Frame or enhance the view.

How you “save:”
• Reduced energy usage saves as much as 50% on air conditioning and winter heating with properly placed shade trees.
• Mature trees increase home values by 5-20%.
• Properly placed trees require less maintenance.
• Avoid the expense of potential removal.
• Prevent home and hardscape damage.
• The view of well placed trees reduces stress thereby saving on shrink bills!

How Trees Cool
Trees cool the air in two main ways. First, they block direct rays from the sun, creating shade. Second, the leaves release moist vapor (transpiration) which helps move water up through the tree, cool the leaves and us too!

Wrong Tree in the Wrong Place: Most of the calls to TREE MUSKETEERS Tree Service for tree removal are a direct result of putting the wrong tree in the wrong place. Often insufficient space was provided for the root zone resulting in damage to foundations, walkways and block walls.

The wrong tree in the wrong place is also at the heart of most requests to reduce crown size. As the once small tree grows, its branches begin to conflict with surrounding structures, hang over swimming pools or protrude into neighbors’ yards where they are unwelcome.

What is a person who wants to plant a tree to do short of becoming a tree expert?

• A professional nurseryman may be able to advise you.
• is one web site that will give you great information.
• Call TREE MUSKETEERS for an onsite consultation if you are in the South Bay of Southern California.

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