Energy Use Is At The Root Of Global Warming

Why Energy Conservation?
There are obvious reasons why you should reduce energy usage such as saving money. If you REALLY care about stopping global warming, you will be pleased to know that energy conservation will also reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Some Figures to Think About
Fossil fuels (coal, oil, gasoline and natural gas) release CO2 when they are burned. CO2 is one of the “greenhouse” gases. You personally use fossil fuels in your car, home and office. If we reduce our personal usage of fossil fuels by 25% (an achievable figure) our direct greenhouse gas contribution would obviously be reduced by 25%. BUT 40% of greenhouse gases are related to electrical generation. This means that your 25% reduction wins you a 10% bonus in additional greenhouse gases eliminated. By using less electrical energy, it is possible for you to reduce your total greenhouse gases from fossil fuels by 35%!! That is exciting.

So, What Are You Waiting For?
Start a written plan – THIS week. Begin by determining your baseline energy usage (kWhs of electricity, gallons of gasoline, heating oil, etc.). Next determine what can be done (insulation, caulking, change in lighting, new windows/doors, walking/riding a bike, more efficient car, appliances, etc.). Price the cost of making each change (actual money, “sweat” equity, better planning of energy usage, etc.). Do a timeline to determine when you can do each project as well as when you should do the “low lying fruit” projects (i.e. those that are quick and little or no cost). Then implement the project. Get EVERYONE in your house and family involved in the planning and execution. You want everyone invested in the project. Track your results and be certain to applaud everyone participating when goals are reached!!

You will have set a good example, inspired others, helped our Earth and saved serious money. Your goal of a better, healthier Earth can be achieved.

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