Common Cents – Trees Save Energy

With the price of energy on the rise and anticipated energy shortages nationwide, people are beginning to wonder what they can do to save money and energy. One of the most cost effective methods of doing this is by planting trees! With careful planning, home and business owners can reduce their energy costs by 10 – 15% with strategically planted trees.

For heating: In urban areas, widely spaced trees break the force of chilling winds enough to save 3 – 4% on heating bills. This translates to a national savings of $1.6 billion per year in single-family homes alone!

For cooling: On average, well-placed trees reduce our cooling costs by 10-17%, with up to 58% for single-family homes and up to 65% for mobile homes. Simply shading an air-conditioning unit can increase its efficiency by 10%.

Trees improve human comfort and reduce:

  • air-conditioning costs;
  • peak load demands on utility companies and the chance of shortages;
  • the need for imported oil
  • pressures to develop domestic sources of power such as oil, coal, gas, or nuclear;
  • sunlight damage to carpets, drapes, and furniture; and
  • the wait for a payoff on your initial investment.

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