Youth Planting Supervisors

Here at TREE MUSKETEERS, kids are boss and each of our plantings is youth-led. To accomplish this, we’ve developed a team of young people who are trained, according to ISA guidelines, to lead proper tree planting and care events. These young leaders work alongside other kids and adults to expand our local Urban Forest. In addition to leading tree plantings, Youth Planting Supervisors serve as representatives and leaders of TREE MUSKETEERS and the environmental movement at tree care events, fairs and other events.

If you are interested in joining the Youth Planting Supervisor Team, sign up below for an upcoming training. This four-hour training covers leading volunteers young and old through a tree planting, ISA standards for tree planting and more about how young people are taking charge in the environmental movement. Earn a Supervisor certificate at the LEAD Graduation Ceremony after satisfactory class completion and putting your new skills to work at a planting.

Our next class will be held on January 21st, 2017 and our final training of the 2016/2017 planting season will be held February 11th, 2017. Get registered for the course by paying via Paypal below.

You can also check out our calendar or contact with any questions.

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Meet a few of our current Youth Planting Supervisors

Maddii Desemone and her family have been volunteering with Tree Musketeers for years and years, and she finally decided to take the YPS training in 2014. Since then she has been a steady asset on the team and has even decided to take our other LEADership classes. We see great things in Maddii’s future!

Max Riley is a Youth Planting Supervisor with a lot of enthusiasm and even more vision! After learning how to lead volunteers at a planting event in our YPS traning, Max went on to organize his own planting through his elementary school. He also never hesitates to join us for tree care events and plantings. That’s the kind of youth leadership we love to see!

Marissa Skye Goldwater has been a YPS for over seven years! During these seven years she has picked up quite a bit of knowledge that she uses not only at Arbor Day and TLC for Trees events, but also at tabling and outreach events as well. We know we can always count on Marissa Skye!

Chloe Veen became a YPS in 2015 after taking the training with her brother. Since then she has brought her leadership and great attitude to Arbor Day and tree care events. Chloe’s calm attitude and great memory make her a wonderful leader!

Monty Veen first heard about Tree Musketeers through his cousin and former President Samantha Cano. Inspired by her success, he decided to take the YPS training with his sister. Since then he has been a dependable and proactive leader at plantings and tree care events.

Taery Kim first heard about Tree Musketeers through the California Environmental Service Club. After volunteering a couple of times with CESC she decided to become a YPS so she could lead volunteers at Arbor Day. We can’t wait to see Taery’s leadership grow as she continues to be a leader at Tree Musketeers.

To empower young people to be environmental leaders