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Tree Planting In Korea!

Adam Gerard, one of our Youth Managers as well as a devoted Youth Director, has traveled to Korea to represent Tree Musketeers. Together with a group of youth,  they planted the second tree representing Tree Musketeers in Korea.
Below are pictures of the planting!






Chevron – A Partner for all Seasons

When surprising Tree Musketeers with an extra $15,000 contribution for 2011, Rod Spackman, Manager of Chevron Public Affairs said, “We at Chevron Corporation hope our support will help to ensure your continued success.” Lily Craig, spokesperson for Chevron’s local refinery added, “We know it has been a challenging year for nonprofits. We are happy to be in a position to lend a hand for an organization that has served the community so ably for so many years.”

Chevron began investing in the work of Tree Musketeers while it was still a Girl Scout project and donations were not tax deductible. The local company was our first corporate partner and has made annual contributions of money, time, and resources throughout our organizational life. This relationship has endured, because Chevron is a conscientious environmental steward. Here are just a few examples.

Chevron and its people have participated year after year in tree planting projects that have turned El Segundo into a green oasis in the South Bay. Arbor Day participants cannot help noticing Chevron’s unmistakable spirit at the annual March events. Significant sponsorships, fielding a large team of employees and their families, treating everyone to lunch, providing T-shirts and a planning team member are just some of the ways Chevron helps get the job done.

Chevron provided a member to the committee chaired by Tree Musketeers that drafted El Segundo’s waste management plan in 1991. By far, Chevron was the most forthcoming corporate citizen with internal information and commitment to the cause of reducing the city’s solid waste disposal by 50%. Folks working on the same plan for other cities were unsuccessful in convincing their refineries to try a then new catalyst that would vastly reduce solid waste. We found that Chevron was already using it. Chevron also plunged ahead with waste audits and purchasing policies requiring that 100% of its paper be recycled. Chevron’s environmental conscience put into action is significant in El Segundo’s standing with an 83% solid waste diversion rate and recycled water usage of 63% citywide.

A former member of Tree Musketeers’ board of directors, a science teacher, once took a summer job at Chevron. As a staunch environmentalist, he had mixed feelings about working for an oil company. But then one day while sitting in his office, alarms began to ring. His boss ran in, threw a hard hat at him, and said we’ve got a spill. Let’s go! Our director’s imagination ran wild. As it turned out, about a cup of oil had dribbled out of a hose while it was being disconnected from a truck. They scooped up three cubic feet of soil and treated this small event with all the seriousness we would expect of a major incident. Our director left that summer job proud to have worked at Chevron, a company that conducts its business with the highest priority on health, safety and the environment.

Tree Musketeers tall and small share that deep respect for Chevron and are forever grateful for its generosity.