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There are no limits to the kinds of projects kids take on to help the Earth. Week day, weekend, evening, occasional, and event "take home" opportunities are available. Please check all of the ways APTs can mentor youth that interest you*:

Tree plantingTree careStaffing with boothsNeighborhood canvassingTransportationPublic speakingProject managementOffice workParty planningFundraisersArt projectsOther

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IT SupportWriting/ResearchPhotographyOffice SupportGraphic DesignLegalAccountingPublic RelationsMediaMarketingAdvertisingFundraisingOther

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Should you ever be in a position to provide transportation for youth partners, risk management policies require that we have the following information*:

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Tree Musketeers carries general liability and sexual misconduct policies. The latter requires all adults to be fingerprinted and cleared by the California Department of Justice and covers you against allegations. Tree Musketeers will give direction on how to obtain live scan fingerprint service.


I have never been convicted of a felony for any type of drug or sex offense, crimes against children, or violent behavior, and do further affirm that I have not, nor am I presently engaged in any activities that would preclude me from serving as an excellent role model for young people.*

I grant permission to Tree Musketeers to check with the appropriate authorities (courts, youth agencies, police, DMV, and others) regarding my background or history.*

I hereby agree to release and forever discharge and hold harmless Tree Musketeers' officers, directors, employees, agents and their successors from any and all liability, claims and demands which may arise from volunteer activities with Tree Musketeers. I hereby waive and release my legal rights to sue for any injury, death or other damage that may result from my volunteer activities with Tree Musketeers.*

The submission of this form indicates my agreement with the above and my understanding that Tree Musketeers reserves the right not to engage the service or to discontinue the service of an Adult Partner or prospective Adult Partner for any reason or no reason at all.*


To empower young people to be environmental leaders