Our Youth Managers

Fernando Aguilar, President, is a very enthusiastic and optimistic teenager. He has been involved with Tree Musketeers since 2014 and is a proud member of the boy scouts.  Fernando is always looking to lend a helping hand, aspiring to teach and learn from others wherever he can and attempting to lift the spirits of others no matter what. He also enjoys DJing in his spare time.

Paloma Arellano, Youth Manager, is one of our oldest Youth Managers. She enjoys working with her younger peers and is always looking for ways to improve her leadership abilities. Paloma is very environmentally conscious, and is consistently involved with after school activities, including her high school robotics club.

Victor Ayaay, Youth Manager, completed the Youth Management series during our 2015 Summer LEAD courses and returned in 2016 to attend Public Speaking. He is busy after school with Junior Lifeguards, the swim team and the chess team. Victor has always liked helping people and looks forward to learning more about how to be a leader and building his confidence.

Lucas Glastetter, Youth Manager, joined the Youth Management Team in 2015 after learning about Tree Musketeers in our LEAD courses. He enjoys playing baseball and skateboarding when he has the time. Lucas may be the youngest Youth Manager but that doesn’t stop him from being an invaluable part of the team!

Sebastian Hanson, Youth Manager, is one of our older Youth Managers and always does a fantastic job, leading by example but always letting his younger peers get a shot at opportunities first. He loves volunteering and has been participating in Big Sunday events since elementary school. Sebastian is also an active member of the Model UN at his high school. He is looking forward to building up his leadership skills and learning how to communicate more effectively with others.

NK Soon, Youth Manager, is always one of the first to volunteer to co-manage events and is excited to improve her leadership skills. NK really put her Youth Management Course skills to use at school and saw immediate results. Outside of Tree Musketeers, she enjoys volunteering at other events such as beach cleanups, and she loves gardening and caring for nature. At school she is in band and on the robotics team.

Alison Stosser, Youth Manager, is always looking for new challenges and is enthusiastic while doing it. Some of her other volunteer experience includes habitat restoration at the Torrance marsh. Alison is very active in Chinese school, Chinese dance, ice skating and is also a girl scout and is hoping to start her own Partners for the Planet Club.

To empower young people to be environmental leaders