Marcie the Marvelous Tree

In 1987, 13 Brownie Girl Scouts planted a root bound California Sycamore in their Hometown of El Segundo, CA. They named her Marcie the Marvelous Tree, and she inspired the founding of TREE MUSKETEERS. Marcie has really lived up to her name becoming a local landmark, published journalist, video star, a friend to all youth and has even written her own biography! She is an expert on environmental issue and she also gets fan mail.

Recently Marcie’s Autobiography was transformed into a children’s musical called “Marcie the Marvelous Tree the Musical.” Get a copy of this triumphant tale of a tree who defied the odds and now stands tall as an international symbol of youth leadership.





Marcie the Marvelous Tree book is available at the TREE MUSKETEERS Shop!


A Letter to Marcie


Dear Marcie,

Thank you for helping kids save our trees and plant new ones. Do the kids like planting trees and being apart of TREE MUSKETEERS? I would really enjoy it, if I were in the TREE MUSKETEERS. Maybe I can start my own little club and I can care for trees and plant more trees. I love trees and I know they give us a lot so we can live. Like oxygen and food. You just have to take care of them so they don’t die.  How can I care for the trees in my city?



Dear Tiffany,

Your enthusiastic spirit will help you go far as a young leader in the environmental movement. It sounds like we have a lot in common! I also love trees and think kids around the world should work together to plant more trees, like me, to beautify and support a happy healthy environment in their hometowns. The point you make about caring for trees is important, because mature trees yield the greatest benefits for the Earth.

There are lots of ways you can care for trees in your city. The easiest way is to talk to your fellow community members, friends and family about projects they might already be involved in and where you could assist. If you are feeling ambitious you can start a Partners for the Planet Club with your friends and plan regular tree care and planting events in your Hometown. That’s what the Youth Managers at TREE MUSKETEERS decided to do to support the trees they planted in El Segundo. Our tree care events are called TLC for Trees and they take place twice per month at the different tree project sites.

I think the most important thing to remember when you are out in the community is to look the part of a young environmental leader. Many of our youth leaders, in addition to getting dirty and digging in wearing a polo and jeans, interact with community leaders tall and small to get projects initiated and completed. So, don’t forget to Dress for Success as you take on the environmental movement!

Very treely yours,
Marcie the Marvelous Tree

To empower young people to be environmental leaders