TMisGuidestar Tree Musketeers was the first youth-led environmental organization. It has received numerous prestigious awards over the years including from three U.S. Presidents.

3,200 youth participated in Tree Musketeers’ leadership classes over the years, many who are now leaders, creating change in their work place and community toward a greener present and future.

LEAD 2013 Graduates with some of Tree Musketeers’ Youth Managers

Tree Musketeers currently has 1,800 local trees in its care. At maturity, they will remove 88 tons of pollution from the air each year.

On a global basis, more than 1,914,066 trees by 1,047,361 young people have been planted under Tree Musketeers programs during the past 15 years.

A look at Memory Row in 1991 & 2013
A look at Memory Row in 1991 & 2013

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“Tree Musketeers is a living testament to the ability of a nonprofit organization to effectively collaborate with the city and every sector of a community to accomplish goals which  many thought could never be achieved. Further, this organization exemplifies the valuable resource every city has and may not be capitalizing on – young citizens. Perhaps most noteworthy is this and other Tree Musketeers projects have inspired young people around the world to take action locally to fight global warming.

“As Mayor, I have had the honor of recognizing Tree Musketeers for its work time and again. I am always profoundly humbled to look at the hope and determination in those young faces. The City of El Segundo is proud of its enduring partnership with Tree Musketeers and being home to young citizens who have virtually mobilized children around the world to improve our planet.” – Bill Fisher, El Segundo City Mayor


“At first working as a volunteer was something I would not have had interest in, but after my time here I can say I have a different perspective. The Tree Musketeers are a very unique and unbelievably important organization for the community and to the rest of the world.” – Jason C., Court ordered volunteer


“We had a very enjoyable and enlightening time. James took the time to tell us a bit of history on the habitat we would be working on. He explained the different plants we would be planting and then gave us his vision on future plans. Our team was very interested to learn a few new things about plants, planting and the area in general. Our team was so excited about what they accomplished that all were sure they wanted to participate in a similar program in the Spring.” – Johnson Controls Volunteers


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