Tree Musketeers’ History


  • TREE MUSKETEERS founding with the planting of Marcie the Marvelous Tree
  • Public education began
  • Started planting a green pollution barrier of trees around residential community


  • The first Annual Arbor Day Celebration
  • Memory Tree program established
  • Creative Project Award, Angeles Girl Scout Council
  • Award of Honor, County of Los Angeles
  • National President’s Award, President Reagan & US EPA


  • Produced Tree Stumpers, a “by kids” TV quiz show series
  • National Arbor Day Award, National Arbor Day Fund
  • Beautification Award, ES Chamber of Commerce


  • Green pollution barrier of trees completed
  • Nonprofit incorporation
  • Opened the city’s first recycling center
  • Launched National Youth Network with 800 Hotline
  • Community Award, City of Los Angeles
  • Regional President’s Award, President Bush & US EPA
  • Conservation Award, State Society of the DAR


  • Youth Speakers’ Bureau was launched
  • City’s Waste Plan completed
  • National Conservation Award, National Society of the DAR
  • National Youth Award, Keep America Beautiful


  • Led water conservation plan to keep the trees alive
  • Conducted youth summit feasibility study
  • Environmental Achievement, Renew America
  • Environmental Award, US UN Environment Program
  • Young American Award, State Society of the DAR


  • Presented First National Partners for the Planet Youth Summit
  • National Volunteer Award, US Dept of Interior
  • Take Pride in California Award, Resources Agency
  • Golden Rule Award, JC Penney/ Volunteer Center
  • Master Planter Award, MasterCard & American Forests


  • Western, Southern, Midwestern Partners for the Planet Youth Summits
  • Launched Hometown Forests Program
  • President’s Volunteer Award, President Clinton/Points of Light


  • 2nd National Partners for the Planet Youth Summit
  • Published 3 issues of Grassroots Youth Magazine
  • Introduced TrunkLine Newsletter
  • JC Penney Golden Rule Award, Volunteer Center


  • Initiated LEAD program
  • Phoenix, Minnesota, & Utah Youth Summits
  • Windstar Youth Award, John Denver & Windstar Fund
  • National Conservation Award, Chevron & Times Mirror Magazine
  • Brick Award, Do Something Fnd and MTV


  • Launched One In A Million campaign
  • Implemented subscription based Curbside Recycling
  • Unsung Heroes, NBC News
  • Youth Environment Award, United Nations, Earth Day Intl


  • Opened Youth LEADership Center
  • Best Paper Recycling Award, American Forest & Paper Assn.


  • Community Service program for local at-risk youth
  • Environmental Award, Chamber of Commerce
  • Volunteer Service Award, Mattel
  • President’s Youth Award, President Clinton & US EPA


  • One In A Million Grand Finale – 1 million kids, hours and trees!
  • Implemented Adult Partner Team
  • Planted 104 Millennium Trees
  • Excellence in Leadership Award, Calif Assn of Nonprofits
  • Urban Forestry Award, Society of American Foresters


  • Launched Count On Kids
  • Curbside recycling went citywide
  • Environmental Leadership Award, Keep California Beautiful
  • Dream Groves for peace planted by kids everywhere


  • Launched new web site
  • Established Tree Team
  • Planting America’s Future Award, National Tree Trust
  • Marcie the Marvelous Tree is declared “Famous & Historic”


  • Entrepreneurial Tree Service established
  • Outreach to 20 million people
  • Crystal Vision Award from ECF of Boeing
  • Conservation Champion, Senator Barbara Boxer
  • Toyota donated our first truck


  • Kickoff Trees to the Sea to green Imperial Highway
  • Wildfire ReLeaf for burn areas
  • Rock the Earth Concert


  • 400 volunteers planted 115 Trees to the Sea
  • TLC for 1,106 trees
  • Published Marcie’s autobiography
  • Custom How-To Kits for Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, FFA and 4-H


  • 108 more Trees to the Sea on Arbor Day
  • Plaza El Segundo partnership kicks off
  • Commendation from Los Angeles County Supervisor Don Knabe
  • Media Award from the National Arbor Day Foundation
  • Education Award from California Urban Forests Council


  • Trees to the Sea III
  • Training and planting in Guaymas, MX
  • Tara Church nominated for L’Oreal Paris “Women of Worth”
  • Attend the Clean Energy Expo


  • Complete Trees to the Sea project – 520 trees total
  • Launch of Partners for the Planet 3 million trees planted by 3 million kids campaign
  • Crystal Vision Award from the Employees Community Fund of Boeing
  • Film “Environmentality,” an ABC network television special
  • Toastmasters Intl Communication and Leadership Award
  • Community Beautification Award from El Segundo Chamber of Commerce


  • 2,658 kids register nearly 4,000 trees all over the world as part of the 3×3 Campaign
  • Move to a bigger, better office space!
  • Outstanding Project Award from the California Urban Forest Council and SEED Award for Carbon Footprint Reduction
  • Hosted the only National Tree Hugger Day west of Chicago and “by kids”
  • Participated in “The Amazing Waving Human Tide Line” on International Day of Climate Action


  • Began habitat restoration project on Clutter’s Bluff
  • Completed the Hometown Forest project
  • Adam Gerard, President, participated in President Obama’s Youth Listening Session
  • Marcie the Marvelous Tree’s Autobiography was transformed into a musical and a stage reading was performed at Morton Arboretum in Chicago, IL
  • The 10.10.10 Project provided the opportunity for 10 kids to plant 10 trees
    in 10 countries on 10.10.10 in support of the 3×3 Campaign
  • More than 800,000 trees were registered to the 3×3 Campaign


2011 Arbor Day
  • Arbor Day event greens East El Segundo by planting 141 new trees
  • El Segundo High School’s Partners for the Planet Club helps restore neglected greenbelt in Manhattan Beach


  • Youth Director Adam Gerard addresses the Korean Council of Oversees Schools International Education Conference in Korea
  • Treat Your Trees! campaign is launched to educate the public through a weekly series of advices
2012, 03-09 So Korea -- Adam briefs students for tree planting.


  • 3×3 Partner Zimconserve organizes the planting of 60,000 trees by school students in Zimbabwe
  • First Make a Difference Day event gathers more than 150 volunteers to care for Trees to the Sea


  • Received a grant from Alcoa Fasteners to Expand the 3×3 Campaign
  • Volunteers removed a total of 99 bags of litter and invasive species during 2nd Annual Make a Difference Day
  • Recipient of Clean Air Awards for Promotion of Good Environmental Stewardship from the South Coast Air Quality Management District


  • Partners for the Planet officially has members in all 50 States through our partnership with Xceed Financial Credit Union
  • Arbor Day 2015 included a huge clean up of Trees to the Sea and the planting of 60 new native trees to replace a large area of invasive species
  • 3×3 Partner Zimconserve distributes over 30,000 seeds to school children in Zimbabwe
  • Welcomed Girl Scout Troop 11635 as the latest Partners for the Planet Club
  • The 3×3 Campaign nears 1 million trees planted with less than 10,000 to go


  • Our 3×3 Campaign reaches 1 million trees planted!
  • President Fernando Aguilar becomes Alcoa Scholar and participates in their summer outdoor education program
  • Tree Musketeers receives Arbor Day Foundation Award for Excellence in Volunteer Management

To empower young people to be environmental leaders