Water Campaign – Pets do their Part

For many areas in California, 2013 closed as the driest year on record. The state of California has been in a state of emergency concerning water usage since January of 2014. The governor has called on all Californians to reduce their water usage by 20%.

These facts are terrifying, but not immobilizing. Tree Musketeers is launching a campaign to decrease water usage in daily life. Find out about the general campaign on the campaign page. We are approaching water conservation in a series of topics. For the second topic, we are focusing on caring for your pet in a water-friendly way.

  • Use a water bowl with a filter so you don’t have to change out water as often.
  • Use old water from your pet’s water bowl to water plants.
  • Use dry dog shampoo that doesn’t require water for use.
  • Use an on/off switch on your hose when giving your pet a bath.
  • Wash your pet in an area of your lawn that needs water.
  • When cleaning a fish tank, use the old water to water plants.
  • Never put pet waste in the storm drain.
  • Use artificial turf for your pet’s play area.
  • Buy a pet that doesn’t require a lot of water, such as a tortoise or lizard.
  • Use natural methods to clean your fish tank like snails and algae-eating fish, which will require less tank cleanings.
  • Use water from heating up your shower to give to your pet.
  • Feed your pet wet food instead of dry food to decrease their thirst.

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