Water Campaign – Conserve in the Kitchen

For many areas in California, 2013 closed as the driest year on record. The state of California has been in a state of emergency concerning water usage since January of 2014. the governor has called on all Californians to reduce their water usage by 20%.

These facts are terrifying, but not immobilizing. Tree Musketeers is launching a campaign to decrease water usage in daily life. Find out about the general campaign on the campaign page. We are approaching water conservation in a series of topics. For the first topic, we are focusing on conservation in the kitchen. Below are some tips you can use to decrease the water you use while in the kitchen:

  • Turn the faucet off when it is not absolutely necessary.
  • Wash produce in a washbowl instead of under running water.
  • Use the washbowl water after finished to water houseplants.
  • Cooking water can also be used to water plants if you let it cool first.
  • Very hot cooking water can be used to kill weeds.
  • For pans and burnt on food, soak the pan in water and scrub later.
  • Install a low flow faucet on your sink.
  • Don’t use water to defrost frozen foods, leave them in the fridge overnight.
  • Use an eco friendly dishwasher and only run it when its full.
  • Compost your food waste rather than pushing it down the sink.
  • Install an outdoor sink and route drain to garden. Use when washing things such as vegetables and other non-meat items.
  • Use a minimum of cooking water when making noodles or potatoes.

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