Treat Your Trees – Proper Pruning

Even if you are trained in the art of pruning, there are times when it is best to call a professional:

• When you need a ladder or to climb to prune.
• If a hand saw can’t do the job.
• When power lines are near a tree.
• If a branch is heavy enough to cause damage when falling.
• When the tree appears to be diseased.

Avoid the temptation to save a few bucks by engaging those folks who drop cards on our doorsteps offering services ranging from washing windows to babysitting and tree pruning. Owning a chainsaw and pickup truck does not make a professional. While the charge may be less, hiring these unlicensed and uninsured people can cost you and your tree big time.
Improper pruning can be far worse than no care at all. Once the cut is made, it is permanent. Beyond destroying its natural grandeur, the tree’s health and safety may be compromised. In sum, untrained people should not go near a tree with sharp tools.

True professionals are ISA Certified Arborists. Call Tree Musketeers for pruning help or find another local Certified Arborist at If anyone agrees to top your trees when you ask for it, do not hire them. Remember, trimming is for bushes, pruning if for trees and topping is for hacks!

Treat Your Trees with love, respect and proper pruning.

For more info about pruning your trees, view our tree pruning brochure. It gives info essential for caring for your tree.