Treat Your Trees: Go Native

The use of native plants and trees in the urban landscape is promoted heavily and often nowadays. If you find yourself wondering why, consider that planting natives instead of exotic species in your yard and in your neighborhood can be of great benefit to both you and the environment. For you, native plants are easier to find and more affordable. They are extremely easy to cultivate and require less care. A native plant already knows how to thrive in the environment where you live with minimal effort on your part. Plants are great at fighting off disease and infection when they are in their natural habitat. They have adapted over time to survive almost anything they encounter in that area including natural disasters. Because native plants belong there, they tend be naturally beautiful with little or no design work from you. For the environment, natives require less water which is becoming a scarcer resource as time goes by. The temptation to use chemical fertilizers and pesticides all but disappears due to their natural ability to thrive. Neighboring plants, animals and insects can all coexist with your native plants. The ecosystem may even reap the benefit of attracting wildlife to your yard by providing food and shelter. Finally, planting natives ensures that you do not introduce invasive species. Native plants in some areas of California have already been completely replaced by exotics, weeds, fire, and other activities of man.

If these tidbits have piqued your curiosity about native trees and plants, you should attend Tree Musketeers’ Treat Your Trees workshop on natives. Mark your calendar for Saturday Feb. 2 and 19 starting at 10am and finishing by 1pm. Kids and adults can call Tree Musketeers at 310/322- 0263 or email to register.

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