Successful graduation leads to… a new LEAD session!

Our summer students have graduated with great success and we are now planning a fall LEAD Youth Manager Class series!

LEAD (Leadership Education and Action Development) is a formal volunteer opportunity that provides kids with the opportunity to learn skills that will help them succeed as leaders, both in school and later in life. In the end, the young people will have acquired educational enrichment, self-confidence, team spirit, and the means to make a significant contribution to quality of life and the community.

We will also have two Youth Planting Supervisor training sessions on November 16th at 10 am and January 18th at 10 am.

Participation in the LEADership program is open to all area youth in 5th – 12th grades. The cost of the program is discounted for Partners for the Planet members.

You can download our LEAD Brochure, learn more and sign up for the class on our LEAD page.