3×3 Campaign Kids in Uganda

Some 200 youth supported by 128 adults planted 14,225 3×3 Campaign trees near Kampala in the Northern Region of Uganda.  The Family Caregivers Assn. also distributes fruit tree seedling to students in Apedi primary school and has established a tree nursery.

Family Caregivers Association is a community-based organization formed to help vulnerable older persons and orphaned children to live better lives in the Lira District of Northern Uganda.  This is the poorest region in the country due to decades of conflict during which 500,000 people have died, 1.6 million people were displaced and tens of thousands of people captured, including an estimated 25,000 children abducted and forced to become child soldiers.  Even so, John Alfred Ejura, the group’s Chairman, insists that deforestation is the most critical problem faced in North and Eastern part of Uganda.

If planting trees to fight global warming and the other environmental issues inherent to deforestation is tops on the minds of these people, please reexamine whatever excuse you’ve been using for not taking action yourself.