Treat Your Trees – Mulching!

We all know about those three “R’s”, and mulching is one way to “reduce.” Materials otherwise destined to become trash or landfill cover can instead benefit your trees or other plants. Once you have collected pine needles, dry leaves, bark or wood chips, the mulching process is simple.

Remove weeds or grass from the areas to be mulched. Spread a layer of mulch up to 4” thick. The one important thing to know is that the mulch must not touch tree trunks. Trunks are wood and will join the mulch in decomposing, known as root crown rot, which is fatal for trees. Just ensure a couple of inches of space between.

You will need to refresh your mulch about once a year. Just put new material on top of the old to facilitate the biodegrading benefit of mulching. With that, you have taken another step to having a sustainable yard and Treated Your Trees!

Earn a Tree Caregiver Certificate by taking one each of five free Treat Your Trees workshops! Mulching is the topic on Saturday 17th 10am-1pm. Kids and adults can call Tree Musketeers at 310/322-0263 or email to register.