Treat Your Trees: Tree Identification!

How many of us know the trees that stand in our yards and along our streets? If we are going to have a relationship with trees, we should call them by name!

Beyond satisfying our curiosity, knowing how to identify trees has practical applications even if we are not Arborists. We can look up one that we like on the Internet and learn about its space requirements and personality traits before planting. We can check on any special needs of trees we already have to give them the best possible care. We might also impress our walking buddies with this new found knowledge.

Learn to identify trees by species at Tree Musketeers’ Treat Your Trees workshops on Saturday Dec. 1st and 15th 10am-1pm. People who participate in each of five free Treat Your Trees workshops can earn a Tree Caregiver Certificate. Kids and adults can call Tree Musketeers at 310/322-0263 or email to register.