Signup For Fall LEAD Courses!

South Bay youth age 10-18 who want to become environmental leaders are invited to sign up for LEADership courses this summer. LEAD courses offer the opportunity for young people to acquire marketable skills that will serve them well as environmental leaders, as students, and in life.

The summer Youth Manager Certification series runs from 4:00-5:30 pm on Wednesday and Sunday October 3rd – November 4th. It begins with the Personal Skills course teaching the art of personal presentation that is essential to effective leadership. Youth in the Personal Skills course will learn about body language, dressing for success, table manners and more! People Skills and Organizational Management follow. Each course consists of three classes. Youth can choose to participate in one course or all three to earn a Certified Youth Manager certificate.

The eight-week Public Speaking course meets at 4:00-5:30 PM Thursday and Saturday October 18th – November 10th. Kids who complete this course earn a Toastmasters certificate and the chance to participate in a speech contest at the graduation (date to be scheduled)!

Interested in taking one or all of the courses? There’s still room! Click here or find the enrollment form and more details on the LEAD page or call (310)322-0263.