TREE MUSKETEERS Joins Vote with Your Mission

If all of us who work and volunteer in the environmental movement voted, wouldn’t we have better policies and funding for the environment?

That’s why TREE MUSKETEERS is proud to sign on to Vote with Your Mission, a new, nonpartisan voter initiative sponsored by the California Association of Nonprofits to get 100% of nonprofit staff and volunteers to vote.

Just think of what could happen if more people voted with the ideals and values that they bring to the nonprofit sector. Just think of what is possible if we are able to galvanize the power of the nonprofit community leading up to the November 2012 General Election.

So, all of us involved with TREE MUSKETEERS – staff, volunteers, and board – let’s do our part and vote on November 6. Make sure you’re registered to vote by the October 22 deadline. You can’t vote if you’re not registered!

Since its launch on May 1, Vote with Your Mission has picked up the support of a diverse array of nonprofits across California. We hope many other California nonprofits will join us in signing on to Vote with Your Mission today. Together, we can ensure that our voices – as citizens as well as participants of nonprofit organizations – are heard on Election Day. For more information and to sign on, visit