Meet the Architects of our New Website!

When it comes to accomplishing really big things on a really small budget, it pays to have friends.  Meet the very generous wizards who took a wish list from a slip of paper to a fabulous new website.

When it became clear that our programs had seriously outgrown our six-year-old website, we started scratching our heads since such an expansive endeavor as a new website was not in the budget.  It took exactly three phone calls to some of our talented friends to assemble a website task force.  These generous folks worked tirelessly from strategy meetings to launch on a pro bono basis.  Thank them if you get the chance or consider giving them your business.

Alternate Routes – When making the company’s annual contribution some years ago, Mike Zarneke included a note, “Please let us know if we can be of any help.”   Mike responded warmly to a cold call perhaps a decade later asking if he’d help with a new website.  He and Alternate Routes rolled up their sleeves to find strategic solutions to Tree Musketeers’ marketing challenges resulting in a brand architecture strategy employed as the basis for the new website.


Group 22 – In 1998 Stephen Ludwig volunteered his communications firm to help make Tree Musketeers look as good on paper as the work it did.  Since that time, Group 22 has designed TrunkLine Newsletter, brochures, Marcie’s book, logos, stationery and built the just retired website.  Stephen, who serves as an Advisory Director on Tree Musketeers’ board, chaired the new website task force and led the planning process in addition to putting his talented artists to work on graphics.


Eat.Sleep.Work.– Chrissie Canino was a member of El Segundo Brownie Troop 91, the little girls who founded Tree Musketeers in 1987.  Now Art Director at Eat.Sleep.Work., a print and web design agency that produces high-quality marketing and advertising collateral, Chrissie once off-handedly offered to help.  When receiving the invitation to participate in the task force, she and her coworkers responded with great enthusiasm and took on the actual construction of the site.