Adult Partner Team

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The Adult Partner Team (APT) is an ongoing program for adults of all ages to serve as mentors for youth volunteering at TREE MUSKETEERS. APT creates a solid support system for both at-risk and mainstream youth.

APT members come from the residential and business communities, and volunteer for a comfortable level of participation. Options range from serving as an occasional advisor to committing to mentor one child for a longer term or working with a youth ordered by courts or schools to perform community service. Some opt to make use of special expertise by mentoring members of the YMT and LEAD groups as a whole while others come out for special events to work side-by-side with a young person for the day.

Meet our current Adult Partners:

Elsa & Marc Gerard: Parents to Youth Managers Talia and Raquel. Their son Adam was also a past President of Tree Musketeers and now serves on the Board of Directors. Both have been involved since 2004, when Adam first joined Tree Musketeers.

AdamAdam Gerard: joined Tree Musketeers at the age of 9. After years on the Youth Management Team and as a Youth Director and President on the Board, he has now moved on to become an Adult Partner and Director.

BrookChurchKoegelBrook Church-Koegel: has been involved since his sister Tara Church co-founded the organization. Today, Brook continues to be an active Adult Partner, assisting the organization with his technology and tree knowledge.

Cynthia Catzalco: Began volunteering with her sons’ Cub Scout Pack in 2012, Cynthia began being an APT in early 2013.

Julia Lee: A Former Youth Manager, in 2011, Julia took steps to become an APT and continue her relationship with Tree Musketeers. When not away at school, Julia participates in events.

David Poyourow: has been involved with Tree Musketeers, since his son Julian started volunteering. Since then, his daughter Hannah join the organization as well and both Julian and Hannah serve on the Youth Management Team, while Julian was elected President of Tree Musketeers in 2013.

ClaudiaCanoClaudia Cano: Mother of Youth Manager & Board member Samantha, Claudia is always willing to volunteer and participate in different APT volunteer opportunities.

Terry McDermott: a journalist and writer, Terry joined the Adult Partner Team after his daughter Lina, now a Youth Manager, got involved with Tree Musketeers.

CatherineMagruderCatherine Magruder: mother of a past YMT member, Catherine became an Adult Partner in 2010. Each year she uses her skills as a Toastmaster to conduct our LEAD Public Speaking course. Catherine also participates in a wide variety of opportunities as an APT.


RobinFunkRobin Funk: Following a career in Aerodynamics Industry, Robin has been a very active member of the El Segundo community, serving on the School Board for eight years and participating in many of Tree Musketeers’ projects.

Maygin Hamilton: became an Adult Partner as her daughter Jessica was becoming a Youth Planting Supervisor. Maygin is a dedicated Adult Partner.

Paulette Caudill: Becoming an APT in early 2011, Paulette, a former teacher, brought her teaching skills to Tree Musketeers where she taught the LEAD Youth Manager Series from 2011-2013. Paulette also volunteers with other facets of Tree Musketeers as well.

Lindsey Kim: The Volunteer Coordinator for the International Environmental Service Club, Lindsey has been a large help in bringing her volunteers to Tree Musketeers, putting together both organizations’ ideals about youth and service.

TaraChurchTara Church: One of the Founding Members of Tree Musketeers, Tara has remained an active member of the Adult Partner Team and sits on the Board of Directors as Board Chair.