Our Youth Managers

Julian Poyourow, President, has been involved with TREE MUSKETEERS since he happened upon our booth at a fair.  Discovering our booth was very serendipitous as he was actually attending a different event across the street.  As a young leader dedicated to the environment, Julian was excited to find TREE MUSKETEERS and now enjoys spreading our mission to youth around the world.  Julian is in 12th grade, home-schooled and in his free time is an active participant in the Boy Scouts and plays the violin.

Sam 05-08-12Samantha Cano, Youth Director, enjoys managing events; in particular, her favorite event to manage is Big Sunday weekend.  This is because Sam volunteered for the first time at the Big Sunday event in 2007. Four years later Sam not only leads the event, but encourages other youth to stand up and be counted in the fight against global warming.  Sam’s advice to kids (and adults) is “you’re never too old to get involved helping the environment.” As a 11th grader at Warren High School, Sam is involved in cross-country and other environmentally focused organizations in Los Angeles.

Blake Parker, Youth Director, is a senior at El Segundo High School and has been a member of the Youth Management Team for 3 years.  His interest in Tree Musketeers sparked when he took part in both the Youth Manager series and Public Speaking LEAD courses over summer break.  Blake is an avid water polo player: he has been playing for three years and is a member of the El Segundo High School Varsity water polo team.  He also enjoys helping out at school whenever he can. Blake enjoys being able to help local communities and the environment simultaneously.

Talia Gerard, Youth Director, has been managing events and day-to-day operations as a member of the Youth Management Team for five years.  Talia is in the 10th grade at Mira Costa High School and is an active participant in the Girl Scouts and her school newspaper.  When she is not in the office, at school, or scouting, Talia likes to play soccer and the bass.  She enjoys being a leader of the environmental movement and likes seeing the community get involved and embrace youth leadership.

Lina McDermott, Youth Manager, got involved with TREE MUSKETEERS after hearing about it through a friend. After participating in the LEADership classes, Lina decided to take on a leadership role as part of the Youth Management Team. Lina continues to volunteer and take management roles within the organization. As an 9th grader at Crossroads High School, Lina is also involved in softball and soccer.

RaquelGerardRaquel Gerard, Youth Manager, is an 10th grader at Mira Costa High School and joined us three years ago. As a member of the Youth Management Team, her greatest accomplishment is teaching other kids how to care for the environment. “If I could tell young people one thing about saving the environment, I would tell them even recycling just one time makes a positive impact on the environment.”  In addition to her responsibilities as a Youth Manager, Raquel participates in Girl Scouts, Yearbook, tennis and her local synagogue.

HannahPoyourowHannah Poyourow, Youth Manager, has been volunteering at TREE MUSKETEERS for the past 5 years, after her brother got her involved. Hannah is a freshman in high school and home-schooled. She is an active part of her Girl Scout troop and is in karate. Her favorite part is tree planting and tree care because it makes her feel like she is really doing something worth while. If she could tell young people one thing about the importance of saving the environment it would be that in saving the environment we are saving our planet, our kids planet and the planet of all of the generations after that.

Kurt Frerichs, Youth Manager, is a senior at El Segundo High School. He is a recent addition to the Youth Management Team and became involved after hearing about the organization through a friend and deciding to take the LEAD courses. He balances his devotion to the team with school and varsity water polo. He is an integral member of Tree Musketeers and is always trying to make his community and the world a better place.

MeeraMeera Nagpal, Youth Manager, Meera Nagpal has been volunteering with Tree Musketeers since March of 2013 and has recently become a Youth Manager. She enjoys taking on leadership roles both in and out of school. Outside of Tree Musketeers, Meera plays the cello for her school’s orchestra, participates in Girl Scouts and Science Olympiad.


UtsaUtsa Parikh, Youth Manager is in eighth grade, at El Segundo Middle School. She found Tree Musketeers’ website when looking for opportunities to volunteer in El Segundo in the summer of 2013. In her free time, she enjoys running. She thinks that being environmentally friendly is a fun and educational way of saving the world!